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1st ARB Forum - Lagos 2018 Can Responsible Business Practices Contribute
to Business Successes in Africa?

Responsible businesses are principle and value-driven, demonstrating in addition to profit-making activities, consideration for employees, customers, suppliers and the wider society. The ARB Forum will showcase how African businesses are attempting to be responsible, and provide an avenue for collaboration, innovation and learning for responsible business practices in Africa. While the primary focus of The ARB Forum will be on the role of the private sector, it will also include considerations of how the public sector and civil society can work with the private sector to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa.


Africa is transforming, and as the continent experiences change including an increase in the rate of urbanisation, and an expansion of the working population, the level of consumption and the scale of industrialisation will change. But to what end is the industrialisation and expansion of Africa? There is an opportunity for the continent to channel its economic and industrial development to ensure that businesses operate responsibly and contribute to the holistic vision of economic, social and environmental development. Businesses in Africa are strong, resilient and entrepreneurial. They strive to succeed, notwithstanding the number of challenges encountered. In many instances, businesses have stepped in to address infrastructural and other developmental challenges in their communities, seeing themselves as responsible for, and to the society from which their businesses emerge, exist and thrive. As such businesses are critical change agents, well-positioned to be at the helm of the transformation of Africa.

Themes and Recommendations of the ARB Forum


Can Responsible Business Practices Contribute to Business Successes in Africa?

It is important we create strong business networks and linkages to provide support, share strategies on responsible business practices and successes and act as peer-to-peer mechanism for holding businesses accountable. Governments must continually improve the business environment to allow businesses thrive and impact society. Public-private sector collaboration to drive investment in critical infrastructure.


Economic Empowerment Through Responsible Business Practices

Sustainability needs to be embedded in the framework of organisations in order for those organisations to successfully implement responsible business practices and sustainable business models. Collaboration and collective or community-based initiatives can help to address the challenges that many sustainable businesses face. Business leaders interested in sustainability must look to other metrics for success outside of profit to gauge the impact of sustainable business practices.


Driving Africa’s Recovery and Growth with Responsible Business

We need a mindset shift that starts treating Africa’s problems as Africa’s opportunities. Youth unemployment, food insecurity, access to education, and healthcare are some of the opportunity baskets that we all need to tap into, innovate around and create shared value models around. Overcoming a lack of cooperation among African countries is going to be fundamental to the success of AfCFTA and the private sector should upscale its productive capacities for efficiency gains across the production chain and to look at a broader African market.

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