Did you know that Eko is not the Yoruba word for Lagos? It is not even a Yoruba word.  We will then take a ride through Lagos Island’s Broad Street, a major commercial hub in Lagos’ central business district, and one time, the nerve centre for anglo-colonial trading in Lagos.

Experience the entrepreneurial spirit on which Lagos was built with the bustling markets that line the streets of the financial district

This is a full day tour of key places of interest in Lagos selected to provide a visual story of our city’s history, current and future plans with guests.  This time, we will look at the Eko Atlantic City project, to develop a new coastal city in Lagos, with residential, office and retail facilities. We will pay a visit to the Legacy Museum where guests will have a better insight into the city’s history.

For lunch, we will stop at Terra Food Lounge of Terra Kulture, a leading art gallery, culture and lifestyle centre.  with an opportunity to visit the Art Gallery and watch a stage play at own cost.

After this we will head to Bogobiri House, where guests will be entertained by a live band playing the best highlife music, and possibly learn some dance steps.


Dress Code

Dress code is casual and comfortable shoes.  Most places and the buses are air conditioned. Some cash in the wallet is a good idea as there will be an opportunity to purchase art pieces, souvenirs and other keepsake to bring the day to a fulfilling close.  Card payments are accepted for purchase at Terra Kulture and Nike Art Gallery.


Price: N30,000/$85 per person.    

This includes transportation, tour guides, entry fees, water, refreshments, lunch,

music and a variety of fun activities included.

For more information, please contact arbforum@lbs.edu.ng