Responsible businesses are principle and value-driven, demonstrating in addition to profit-making activities, consideration for employees, customers, suppliers and the wider society.

The Lagos Business School is hosting its inaugural Africa Responsible Business Forum (“The Forum”) to explore responsible business for Africa’s sustainable development. The Forum will showcase how African businesses are attempting to be responsible, and provide an avenue for collaboration, innovation and learning for responsible business practices in Africa.  While the primary focus of The Forum will be on the role of the private sector, it will also include considerations of how the public sector can work with the private sector to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa.

The Forum will make an important contribution to the global conversation on the role of business in the sustainable development of the continent; presenting from African lenses, African narratives on responsible business.



Africa is transforming, and as the continent experiences change including an increase in the rate of urbanization, and an expansion of the working population, the level of consumption and the rate of industrialization will change. But to what end will this industrialisation and expansion of Africa be? There is opportunity for the continent to channel its economic and industrial development, in such a way as to ensure that businesses operate responsibly and contribute to the holistic vision of economic development, social and environmental development.


Businesses in Africa have a strong, resilient, entrepreneurial spirit that strives to succeed, notwithstanding the number of challenges encountered. In many instances, businesses have stepped in to address infrastructural and other developmental challenges in their communities, seeing themselves as responsible for, and to the society from which their businesses emerge, exist and thrive.  As such businesses are critical change agents, well-positioned to be at the helm of the transformation of Africa.